2019-2020 Competition Teams

Pictures courtesy of:

Hannah J. Burkholder Photography

2019 -2020 Competitions

April 24th-26, 2020

Rhythm Dance

Centre for Performing Arts, Richmond Hill

full competitive only

May 8-10, 2020

Dance Attack

Georgian College Barrie

full competitive and mini team

May 29-31, 2020

Breaking Bounds

Nottawasaga Inn, Alliston

full competitive only

All competitions are postposend due to COVID-19
  • We received notification that the Rhythm Dance and Dance Attack competitions have been postponed. 

Competition Team Eligibility 

The teachers at The Dance Space are continually tracking the progress of all students in an effort to offer dancers the opportunity to participate in competitive dance. Many classes offered at the studio participate in dance competitions in the spring. A number of students are also selected for 'extras' such as solos, duets and trios and small groups, known as “specials” to enter into competitions.

Many factors are considered when selecting students to a part of the competition team. Passion, team spirit, focus, work ethic, energy, attendance, ability and confidence are all factors considered when choosing candidates.  Additionally, the following requirements must be met:

1.  Candidate is required to take a group class in the same genre as any special being offered.

2.  Candidate must have a minimum of 2 years dance experience.

3.  Candidate must be taking a minimum of 3 hours instruction weekly of which 1 hour must be ballet and/or jazz technique. Candidates are strongly advised to participate in summer dance programs/classes and dance workshops in order to maintain overall conditioning.


Attendance is mandatory in all competitive-level classes.  Notification is requested to be given for any leave of absences, such as vacations, during and outside of studio closures, as these breaks affect the entire class.  Excessive lateness cannot be tolerated. Proper dance attire and shoes are required for each class.  Hair must be tied back.


Competitive dancers are required to practice and remember their routines.  A discussion with parents will be arranged should it be deemed necessary to schedule additional classes in preparation for competitions, in which case, additional fees will be applied.

Typical entry fees are $50.00/group, $60.00/duet or trio and $90.00/solo (including HST) per event.

Dance costume deposits are $100.00 per dance, and do not generally cover the cost of shoes, tights or accessories. It is also possible that additional/alternative shoes may be required depending on costume choice.

Class scheduling for 'specials' and fees: Once a schedule is determined, classes will commence and continue until choreography is complete. A reduced rehearsal schedule will likely replace the original schedule  and continue until the final competition. 

Students selected for 'specials' are notified in Mid-October.

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