Classes We Offer

Embrace Your Love of Dance


A high-energy dance class that is fun for dancers of all ages and levels! Dancers will perform age appropriate choreography to trendy pop music.

Dancers are allowed to freestyle and add their own flare and style into every action-packed movement. This is the ultimate FUN!



Based on classical and modern dance. Jazz is a suggested foundation which compliments every other dance form.

Through a series of technical exercises, dancers will learn jazz combinations, technique, skills and routines.



  The classical genre of dance that introduces the dancer to technique and skills that will guide them in every other style.



Designed for experienced dancers and dancers looking to be challenged. These classes combine elements of jazz, modern and ballet to create unique works of art. Characterized by its fluid and graceful movements, dancers must have a strong technical foundation and be ready to learn progressive choreography. These routines tell a story and capture the emotion and interpretation of the music.



This class is a favorite among many of This dance form incorporates rhythm, timing and coordination. Dancers will learn basic, progressive and intricate tap technique, steps and skills. Dancers will make music with their feet by performing rhythm-based choreography.



Acro dance incorporates acrobatic movements into dance routines. Similar to gymnastics; this particular genre teaches strength, agility, flexibility and poise. Mixed with Jazz Technique, these classes are challenging but great fun.